It’s only been two months since Kylie Jenner gave birth to her daughter, Stormi Webster, but don’t let those impressive photos of the 20-year-old flaunting her flat tummy on social media fool you — she’s still not happy with her post-baby body. In fact, she’s determined to lose even more weight than she already has — 20 pounds, to be exact.

On Thursday, April 5, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star posted a Snapchat video of someone offering her a bread roll. “I need to lose 20 pounds, but this just looks too good,” she said.

Back in March, Kylie revealed to a fan on Twitter that she gained a total of 40 pounds during her pregnancy. At the time, the star said she enjoyed “eating for two,” but a source exclusively told Life & Style she now feels a lot of pressure to get her body back. “She called herself ‘fat,’ ‘gross,’ and ‘disgusting’ all the time,” the insider shared. “There was no way Kylie wanted to be seen in public. Now she feels like she’s got a lot to prove.”

But it seems like Kylie’s weight loss goals might be getting out of hand. “Even Kris has shown concern about her daughter’s new obsession,” another source told Life & Style. “Despite losing such a huge amount of weight in such a short period of time, Kylie still complains to friends that she’s ‘fat’ as she squeezes the skin on her stomach and thighs.”

Regardless, the make-up mogul has her sights set on the scale. A source recently told People that Kylie “wants to be a really hot, young mom and is making sure that happens.” In addition to caring for Stormi, the source said Kylie is focused on “flaunting her progess more and more.”