Just two days after news broke that Kylie Jenner and her boyfriend of two years, Travis Scott, were taking a break, the longtime KUWTK star, 22, took to Twitter to address the situation head-on. 

“Travis and I are on great terms and our main focus right now is Stormi,” Kylie tweeted on Thursday, October 2, referring to the pair’s 20-month-old child, Stormi Webster. “Our friendship and our daughter is priority.”

Kylie Jenner tweet
Courtesy of Kylie Jenner/Twitter

Despite Kylie’s use of the word “friendship,” a source revealed to Us Weekly that there’s still a strong romantic connection between the pair. “Kylie and Travis have been on and off at various times throughout their relationship,” the insider explained. “Kylie still loves Travis and this isn’t considered a full breakup to either of them.”

Additionally, the source went on to explain that this is hardly the first time that the makeup mogul and “SICKO MODE” rapper, 28, have taken time apart. “They have had breaks throughout their relationship. He has been spending a lot of time at his Beverly Hills house and she’s been staying in Calabasas, so they didn’t have a traditional relationship in terms of spending the night together every night,” the source divulged. “This is not a traditional relationship, but they have been very much in love.”

Travis Scott Stormi Webster Kylie Jenner 'Look Mom I Can Fly' Premiere red carpet
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Unsurprisingly, Kylie’s family members have already formed strong opinions. “I know that Kris [Jenner] loves Travis, and she would have told Kylie not to do anything drastic,” an additional insider told In Touch, adding, “Kim, Kourtney and Khloé [Kardashian] love Travis too. Hopefully, this is just, as they say, a break, and nothing more.”

We hope so, too! However, the situation got a lot more complicated after Kylie was spotted her ex-boyfriend, Tyga, on Tuesday, October 1. Thankfully, before things could spiral out of control, Kylie shot down any dating speculation.

“The internet makes everything 100 times more dramatic than what it really is,” she wrote on Twitter. “There was no ‘2 a.m. date with Tyga.’ You see me drop two of my friends off at a studio that he happened to be at.”

With Tyga seemingly out of the picture (phew!) and Kylie and Travis focusing on Stormi, it seems everything is as amicable as can be. Here’s hoping things stay that way!

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