Even though Kylie Jenner has been in hiding ever since her pregnancy was revealed, that doesn’t mean she’s stopped being a business woman! Kourtney Kardashian basically confirmed that she’ll be collaborating with her sister on a new Kylie Cosmetics line. Though there’s no release date that we know of, from the looks of social media, something definitely seems to be in the works. Watch the video below to get a sneak peek at what’s to come!

Ky has been hard at work expanding her makeup empire. Most recently, she launched an all-inclusive concealer line, which consists of 30 shades ranging from fair to deep dark. While the new additions were well-received across the Internet, her launch of a $360 brush set was dragged by fans and beauty gurus all over Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. The 16-piece set, called the silver series, was deemed wildly overpriced. One of the most notable critiques came from YouTuber Jeffree Star, who shaded the product on his channel.

“I think I know about makeup brushes and I also manufacture and create makeup and brushes and I know the real cost of everything, so the truth is about to be unveiled,” he said. “For $360, I am very curious why this is, I call it ‘vegan leather.’ It’s like a plastic faux leather. It’s obviously not real. This does feel very cheap. So I’m going to start this review off by saying this feels like it’s from the Dollar Tree.” We hope Kylie picks a better price point for this Kourt collab because we’re very excited!