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Kylie Jenner’s Assistants Dish About Her Diva Demands on Snapchat!

When Kylie Jenner's assistants took over her Snapchat on Thursday, they revealed that the 18-year-old can be quite a little diva!

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When she asked the women to tell fans something they don't know about her, the reality star's high-maintenance ways quickly came to light.

“Kylie asks me for the same f–king smoothie every morning,” one assistant shared. "And I always ask her, 'What flavor?' And she says, 'You should know the flavor.'"

And the teen isn't the best when it comes to remembering her own requests. “You’ll be like ‘I want an apple tomorrow.’ The next day I’m like, 'Here’s your apple,' and you go, ‘What the f–k, why would I want an apple.’ You’re like, ‘Show me the texts,’ you don’t believe me," the same assistant said.

Kylie's second assistant claimed the beauty mogul is very particular about her beverages. "If you get it and you take a sip and the temperature's not right, or if you think anybody touched the straw. If the smoothie's gotten to be too warm, forget it," she revealed.

"You guys make me seem so f–king bougie!” Kylie responded through laughter, though that's EXACTLY what she is.

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