That’s my BFF! Kylie Jenner was spotted supporting close pal Sofia Richie with her latest modeling moment — starring as the face of her Rolla’s denim collaboration — on her Instagram Stories on February 22. Needless to say, we’re obsessed with the connection these two babes have.

“Yes @sofiarichie,” the 22-year-old wrote over a photo of her PR box from Sofia’s collab, adding a clapping emoji to hammer home her point. Sof, 21, then regrammed the post and added, “Love you!!” on the bottom. So cute!


It’s no surprise to see these two bonding like never before. In fact, an insider told Life & Style exclusively that the celeb twosome are practically “like sisters” — and it shows.

“Kylie’s sisters tend to ‘yes’ her so she started going to Sofia for advice and very quickly Kylie was really surprised by how much they had in common,” the insider revealed. “Don’t forget that Sofia grew up in a famous household, too. And, she has a famous sister, too, and she understands — even if it’s on a smaller level — everything that Kylie is going through. Now they’re like sisters — they share clothes and style tips and just genuinely like hanging out with each other.”

The best part about their connection is that it blossomed through trust. “Kylie and Sofia really first bonded over the fact that Kylie doesn’t have many people to confide in. Besides her sisters, that is,” the source continued about the Kar-Jenner clan. “Sofia was always around the family and Kylie always knew she was very trustworthy because she’d never betray Scott — even if they broke up — and spill Kardashian secrets.”

The ladies have been tight for a while now and they flaunted their close friendship during the blonde beauty’s 21st birthday bash. “Sofia and Kylie get along like best girlfriends. Super high energy. Kylie was celebrating her for her B-Day, so when they were dancing she was playing around with her like a little sister,” the eyewitness told LS exclusively back in August 2019. “She picked her up and was swinging her around.”

Clearly, these two will be friends for a long time!