They’re packing on the PDA, y’all! Kylie Jenner and her baby daddy, Travis Scott, couldn’t keep their hands off of each other at the rapper’s Astroworld listening party on Aug. 2. While Travis and the newly-minted mama have been together for quite some time — and share a beautiful baby girl together — it’s rare that we get to see them being so sweet! Check out the video above to catch all of the couple’s precious moments! Including an adorable clip captured by Twitter user @jimi_jimijones.  

We’re so thrilled to see that Kylie and Travis are ~thriving~ like the power couple that they are! That said, like any longtime relationship, they have their fair share of ups and downs. Most recently, Life & Style has learned exclusively that while the pair was enjoying a romantic dinner at Carbone in NYC, the topic of Kylie’s birthday celebration was broached. No big deal, right? Erm, well, not exactly. 


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott in NYC on July 18. (Photo Credit: Splash News)

“Kylie asked Travis what he had planned for her birthday, and he had no idea what she was talking about,” a source close to the pair revealed. “Kylie hit the roof!” the source added and TBH, we don’t blame her! The KUWTK star, who finally turns 21 on August 10, spent a fortune renting out Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA for the rapper’s 26th birthday earlier this year. 

As if it wasn’t enough to shut down an entire theme park for his birthday celebration, Kylie made sure that every little detail for Travis’ party was extra special. She had custom matching hoodies printed with Travis’ birthday for everyone that was invited, and she even paid homage to Travis’ hometown of Houston by asking the Magic Mountain to replace their branding with the original logo for Six Flags AstroWorld — which was located in Houston but closed down in 2005, according to Us Weekly

Thankfully, Travis owned up to his major baby daddy blunder. “Travis apologized profusely,” the source continued to Life & Style. “And swore that he’d do something extra special to make it up to her.” Phew! 

We can’t wait to see what Travis has in store for his lady’s special birthday! Here’s hoping that plenty more cutesy pics come from it… you know, so we have something to gush over while we cry about being forever single.