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Time CapsuleKylie Jenner’s 2014 Tweets Are Hidden Gems That Reflect Her *Real* Personality

Once upon a time, Kylie Jenner wasn't the makeup guru and all around #MomGoals (too soon?) A-list celeb she is today. Back in 2014, King Kylie was just 16 years old, on the cusp of claiming her throne as a social media queen and becoming a pop culture fixation. One thing she was all about then was Twitter. She was — as we already pointed out — still a kid herself then, and well, she was much more open with her inner thoughts and feelings than she is now. Ky often took to Twitter to share her version of the truth, set the record straight about rumors, and you know, share her thoughts on boys she was crushing on. These were the days when she was rocking the blue hair and hadn't fessed up to the fact that she gets lip fillers, so truly a different era. How times have changed.

Today, you're more likely to see Kylie sending tweets about her daughter Stormi or hyping up her latest makeup collection. Join us as we take a little trip down memory lane to remember the simpler times. Check out some of Kylie's tweets from four years ago that she 100 percent would never send today, but give us a glimpse at her real personality.