If you want to look like Kylie Jenner (and who doesn’t?) but don’t have all day to sit in a makeup chair crafting the perfect cut-crease, don’t worry! Sis has you covered. “Since becoming a mom it has gone from taking me 30 minutes to do my makeup to now having to do my makeup in 10 minutes,” Kylie revealed in a new YouTube tutorial posted on October 18. “My favorite thing about doing my makeup is that it’s a therapeutic moment for me,” she says, but that doesn’t mean she has all day to do it! So if you want to get her flawless vibe in just a few quick steps, read on to learn how.

Step 1: Primer and Foundation

Kylie, of course, uses all products from Kylie Cosmetics, but we assume you can achieve the same results with your drugstore faves. First, Kylie uses her fingers to apply a cream primer all over her face. To get her lips ready, she pops on a lip mask and lets it sit while doing her foundation. While Kylie admits she “used to start with her brows,” she now uses a blunt brush to apply liquid foundation all over her face first, including her brows and eyelids. But she’s not a brush-only gal; Kylie uses a beauty blender once her foundation is applied to make sure there are “no streaks from the brush.”

Step 2: Conceal and Set

Kylie uses a pale liquid concealer under her eyes, nose, chin, in the middle of the forehead, and on pimples. To “cancel out dark circles,” she adds a small dot of a pink-undertoned concealer under each eye. “I don’t like to use too much,” she admits. She uses a beauty blender to meld the concealer patches into her foundation and it looks totally flawless.

To keep that flawless finish, Kylie uses a fluffy brush with a pinky powder to set her under eyes. She then uses a beauty blender to add translucent powder all over the other concealed areas, and leaves some under her eyes and around her nose to “bake.” To top it all off, she uses a beige powder with a fluffy brush all over the rest of her face.

Step 3: Brows

Kylie says she likes to do her brows “fast” and keep them “more natural” by using a brow pen. She starts by “lining underneath and getting that shape,” and extending them out to be a “little bit longer on the end.” The guru revealed that her makeup artist Ariel Tejada instilled in her that “making my brows look at least decent on a daily basis is very important” because they really “frame your face.” Once she finishes lining the bottom of the brow, she brushes her brow hairs down and lines the top part. Once that’s done, she uses a small angled brush to fill them in with a cool brown powder. Last but not least, she uses a concealer stick under her eyebrows and blends it out to make a sharp line.

Step 4: Eyes

“To make an easy look I always go for my bronze palette,” says Kylie. And it makes sense! You can’t go wrong with a few warm brown colors. First, she pops a medium brown into her crease and blends it out and down onto her lid. Next, she blends a very light tan color into the center of her lid to give her “a faux cut-crease.” Last, she uses a flat brush to place a darker brown in the crease again. To top it off for a little something extra-special, Kylie adds a shimmer on the lid.

Moving on to eyeliner, Kylie starts by drawing a triangle off the end of her eye to create a “super-long” cat-eye, fills it in and adds the top line. After that, she brushes off her baking powder and adds a quick contour powder. Finally, she adds a beige color to her lower lash line. Later on, after lips, Kylie adds the mascara, but TBH we think you could just do it now.

Step 5: Blush and Highlight

Kylie adds a pinky blush to the apples of her cheeks, then uses her Kylighters to her cheekbones, the center of her nose, and in her cupid’s bow.

Step 6: Lips

Kylie uses a dark nude lipliner to slightly overline her lips, and then fill it in with the pencil. “I like to line my lips pretty much all the way in, then I put Kylie [liquid lipstick] right in the center. Center only because I really like an ombre lip.” Kylie admits lipstick is the one makeup product she ” can’t live without.”

Step 7: Set it and Forget It!

Kylie wraps up the look with a setting spray. And voila! You’re all done.

Bonus: Her Go-To If You Only Have a Few Minutes

“Concealer, blush and brows,” Kylie says, “and maybe one of my lip blushes.”