Former NBA star (and Khloé Kardashian‘s ex!) Lamar Odom was reportedly kidnapped and held hostage after a night of gambling. A new report reveals the 38-year-old spent two days with his captors back in June while his girlfriend, Savanna Waldrop, and her daughter were threatened with a gun.

“Lamar has massive separation anxiety so he flew to meet [Savanna] in her hometown, even though she told him no and she needed to have some time alone with her family,” a source told Radar Online.

Prior to meeting, Lamar reportedly told Savanna that he wanted to gamble, but the b-baller was broke. As a result, he borrowed $10,000 from local Portland residents.

“Savanna set up the loan and Lamar knew he had to pay it back no matter what,” the source continued. “The bookies had no idea someone famous like Lamar didn’t have the cash to pay them back. And you don’t mess with these guys.” Within 20 minutes, however, the money had reportedly all been gambled away.

Not even 24 hours later, the bookies reportedly began harassing Lamar — as well as Savannah and her two-year-old daughter. “It got so bad, they threatened Savanna and her daughter with a gun and said they’d kill her,” the source revealed. “They kicked in the hotel door and came in with guns when they were all in bed.” According to the outlet, that’s when they held Lamar for ransom. “He had to go with them.”

The former Lakers star was taken to their house where he “basically just hung out with them.” They even allegedly took him to a nightclub. “They weren’t going to leave him alone so he could take off from Portland. They were trying to scare him.”

Finally, Savanna paid the men $1,500 while his camp scraped together another $2,800. “Lamar still owes the rest, about $5,000, not including the interest that they want,” said the insider. “But he still hasn’t paid.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like Lamar took any blame for the frightening chain of events that took place. “…if it wasn’t [sic] for me, who knows what would have happen [sic] to you!” he reportedly texted Savanna on June 10. “I ruined my whole trip with what happened yesterday. I don’t think u [sic] realize how I stopped s–t from getting physical!!”

But Lamar isn’t free just yet. “Those guys are not going to forget about Lamar,” the source concluded. “They want their money.”

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