After a career as a race car driver, Arie Luyendyk Jr. is now a realtor. While he seems happy about that, not everyone shares the same outlook. When one person had something pretty rude to say about a new photo The Bachelor alum posted on Instagram, his wife Lauren Burnham was quick to defend him.

Arie shared a pic of himself posing in front of a billboard with his face. “Break up with your realtor. It’s okay to change your mind,” read the ad. We’re glad the father-to-be can poke fun at himself. His new slogan refers to that time he pulled a switcheroo last minute on season 22 of The Bachelor. During the season finale, he asked Becca Kufrin to marry him, and immediately regretted his decision and ended up rekindling things with his now-wife Lauren, who was the runner-up.

“No roses just For Sale signs and that Dad life. Anyone need a realtor? I’m searching for my next million dollar listing. #TheRealtor,” wrote Arie as the photo caption, followed by his contact info. One commenter responded to his post negatively. “Hopefully if you have a daughter, you teach her how to avoid getting involved with men like you,” read the reply. Lauren fired back and said, “We are having a daughter and she is lucky to have him as her father. If you want to talk crap, go elsewhere.” Oh, snap!



The two announced they were expecting their first child in November 2018. Since then, the couple have been updating fans throughout the pregnancy with an Instagram account they created for their bundle of joy.

As of February 12, Lauren is six months into her pregnancy. “24 weeks old today! This week I’m the size of an ear of corn,” baby Luyendyk wrote on her latest update. “My reflexes and sensory organs are developing so that means I can kick Mom with a little more coordination, I’ve been up super late at night and a few days ago I even managed to wake Mom up with my ninja moves.”

“My little face is fully formed and I have bright white hair and even little white eyelashes because I haven’t developed pigment yet (like a female Anderson Cooper),” she continued. “At this point my hearing is really good and I can recognize Mom and Dad’s voices, they laugh a lot and talk about me too. Okay time to go, love you guys!” Aw, only three more months until we meet baby Luyendyk.

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