If you’re doing a double-take watching Leah Remini on television, you’re not alone. The King of Queens actress has not aged a day since her Hollywood debut more than two decades ago, which is why it’s no surprise many believe plastic surgery is her age-defying secret.

Leah, 47, recently appeared in the explosive A&E series about her former religion, Scientology and the Aftermath, and viewers couldn’t stop talking about her wrinkle-free face. “Are the Scientologists also responsible for Leah Remini’s plastic surgery and collagen implants?” one fan tweeted before another added, “@LeahRemini good for you for leaving that #scientology #cult but what’s up with all that plastic surgery? You look plastic.”

leah remini getty images

Leah in 2001 vs. 2018. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Well, Leah did not waste any time clapping back at her haters — and responded to rumors she went under the knife. “Lol. I have had no plastic surgery, but thank you for thinking that,” she wrote. “I will Botox the hell [out] of it until I do need a real facelift though!”

Plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Hamawy, who has not treated Leah, agrees the actress is definitely a fan of injectables. “Leah appears to have a little too much Botox around her eyes and over her brows,” he told Life & Style exclusively. “The Botox helps maintain her ageless features but also makes her eyes look less animated when she smiles giving her a more artificial look.”

Plastic surgery rumors aside, Leah is determined to take down Scientology, which she has accused of being corrupt and trying to force her to convert her longtime co-star Kevin James. “They let it go after a while, but usually you’d be expected to recruit, especially with somebody you work with for nine years,” she said.

In response to Leah’s claims against the religion, with famous followers such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta, the church released a scathing statement against the actress. “Ms. Remini is showing herself to be a spoiled entitled diva who still obsessively complains about such petty matters as her seating placement, limo ride, five-star hotel accommodations and the paparazzi’s failure to recognize her nearly a decade ago,” it read. “She needs to move on with her life instead of pathetically exploiting her former religion, her former friends, and other celebrities for money and attention to appear relevant again.” At least she looks good doing it.