Just when it feels like the whole world has turned on Jordyn Woods, she still has supporters. Like many of us, Lena Dunham has given her opinion on how she feels about the whole cheating scandal between the model, 21, and Tristan Thompson. However, rather than bashing Jordyn, the Girls star, 32, was quick to defend her.

The actress took to Twitter to publicly express herself on the topic and her thoughts may take many by surprise. For once, Jordyn isn’t sought out to be the bad guy.

“Can you imagine if who you’d made out with when you were 21 had massive public shaming consequences?” she wrote. Lena has a point. Ordinary people will never go through having almost every aspect of their lives in the spotlight for everyone to see and judge.

From there, Lena shared a story of something she did when she was Jordyn’s age, proving everyone makes mistakes. “When I was 21, I kissed my friend’s crush in my bathroom during a dinner party,” she said in a second tweet. “I was inexplicably wearing a dog leash. I stayed in bed for days feeling hot shame. That was enough of a consequence! Nobody slashed prices on my eyeliner brand or whatever.”

“The legal drinking age is 21. The legal going on TV age should be 26,” she continued. “Just weighing in on the important national issues!”

Afterward, Lena made it clear that in standing up for Jordyn, that doesn’t mean she has anything against the Kardashians. A fan responded to her tweets, offering their explanation for why Jordyn’s situation and Lena’s don’t compare. “I see you’re coming for the Kardashians (as always),” read the reply. “Very different to a drunken party kiss in your twenties when it’s your best friends’ older sister’s boyfriend who she has a baby with and when you’ve been there for her through her heartbreak in the past. It’s a betrayal.”

Lena quickly cleared the air. “I’m not coming for the K’s! I love and respect them. It’s just A LOT of media attention on a very young girl’s sexual choices and my heart aches when I see that,” she replied in a quote tweet. Preach!