Celebrities aren’t shy about letting their fans and Instagram followers know how much they love their pets. But whenever stars have to get rid of their cute cat or dog, the social media critics come out with vengeance, some even hurling death threats!

Recently, Lena Dunham has come under fire for rehoming her dog, Lamby. Last week, in an emotional Instagram post, she revealed she sent her pooch, which she adopted from a shelter four years ago, to a facility that treats canines with behavioral issues. She wrote that Lamby had bitten boyfriend Jack Antonoff and had bitten her once on the butt.

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However, BARC, the shelter Lena adopted her dog from, was not moved by her Instagram post and instead slammed her for rehoming the animal. Check out the video below to see how the whole scandal went down, as well as other celebrity pet controversies.

Since #LambyGate, many people have come to Lena’s defense, including her veterinarian and her dog trainer, who both said Lena was an excellent dog owner and that Lamby was definitely “aggressive.”

“The dog that we see in the shelter is often not that the dog that we see in the home,” dog trainer Matt Beisner told People. “And often the dog in the home on day one is different than the dog that we see at the six-month mark. It’s so predictable that I can almost put it on the calendar. When someone tells me they adopted a dog, I’m waiting for them to call.”

Beisner also explained that Lamby, while staying at his facilities, would often drink his own urine, which is typical of dogs who come from abusive breeding farms.

“He was really rattled, but he was also a great dog and if you set him up in a life that is tolerable,” he continued. “He’s actually a real joy and that’s what we were working towards.”