Forget diamonds! Dogs are a girl's best friend — just ask The Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay!

The Texas native did not come alone on her journey to finding love on the reality dating competition — and her pup Copper has been the cutest wingman all season.

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Despite his minor injury, Rachel's furry friend has already approved of one of Rachel's suitors, Peter Kraus, after the trio enjoyed a day trip to Palm Springs and soaked in the sun at a doggy pool party.

"I knew I wouldn’t be able to focus on finding love if I left the most important piece of my heart back in Dallas," Rachel wrote on her blog. "So right before the guys showed up I flew back, had his furry leg wrapped in a cast, and booked us both first class seats back to California. Truth is I needed him to comfort me as much as he needed me."

As expected, fans of the ABC series are obsessed with Copper — and can't get enough of the four-legged cutie.

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Former Bachelor contestant Olivia Caridi thinks Copper is the star of the show, tweeting, "Can we have a doggy spinoff with Copper as the next Bachelor?" while another fan wrote, "Finally, a quality man on this show," along with a photo of Copper.

Here is everything you need to know about Rachel's best friend Copper!

How old is Copper?

According to Rachel, her "dog-child" is a two-year-old rescue — and he's clearly already an Instagram model.

How did Copper hurt his leg?

Last episode, Bachelor Nation had one big question for Rachel, and it revolved around Copper's bandaged leg.

The 31-year-old beauty broke her silence regarding the injury, tweeting, "Inquiring minds want to know what happened to Copper…he broke his toe jumping off something."

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What breed is Copper?

After a fan asked Rachel on Instagram, she revealed she thinks her rescue pup is a Finnish Spitz and German Shepherd mix.

Copper definitely has our final rose!