Staying true to herself. Lili Reinhart told Miley Cyrus during a Thursday, April 2, episode of “Bright Minded” that she refuses to “alter” her body in Instagram photos. “I think kind of the idea of Instagram is to project your best self. I think I have always kind of approached social media in the way of, ‘I don’t want to show a perfect version of myself because I could never live up to that expectation,’” the Riverdale actress, 23, mused.

“If anyone meets me in person, they’re not going to see what you would see on Instagram if I was trying to portray myself as this perfectly put together human being because that’s just not who I am. I think it’s such a hard standard to set for yourself, I would never want to set that standard for myself,” she continued.

Instead, Lili prefers to use Instagram for other reasons. “I genuinely just think Instagram should be a way to express your creativity. You can show the highlights of your life, the beautiful things happening in your life. But when it comes to altering your body, I think you’re hurting yourself more than anyone else and you’re also hurting the people looking at Instagram and thinking that’s a body they can have, when you’re altering it yourself!” she expressed.

Lili Reinhart Selfie
Courtesy of Lili Reinhart/Instagram


“It’s already skinny women [who] are shrinking their waists even more and that to me, is so frustrating,” Lili admitted. “There are already so many people with body issues  — people look at themselves poorly — so if you see an already skinny person making their waists smaller, it’s frustrating.”

With Lili’s upcoming collection of poetry, Swimming Lessons, dropping in May, Miley, 27, asked the CW star if she wrote any pieces about body image. Swimming Lessons is a lot about love and grief and it is about anxiety and depression, as well,” she explained. If she were to write a second collection, Lili said it would be “a little more body-focused or have a lot more body-conscious thoughts.”

We look forward to reading her powerful thoughts.

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