Earlier this month, Lili Reinhart took to Instagram to reveal that she’ll be releasing a book of poetry titled Swimming Lessons in May 2020. Naturally, Riverdale fans and the literary community alike have been abuzz with anticipation ever since. With that, Life & Style spoke exclusively with Lili, 23, to get the scoop on what inspired to embark on this creative voyage.

“To be honest, a lot … and I’m kind of calling the book a work of fiction more so than just, ‘This is all of my life and my experiences’ because to be honest, I find a lot of inspiration from other people and people that I don’t know and music, especially,” she expressed at Tiffany & Co.’s celebration of Tiffany Men’s launch on October 11. 

Lili Reinhart Wears a Black Pantsuit While Discussing Her Upcoming Book of Poems 'Swimming Lessons'
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“You know, I can create a scenario in my head from a mood, so it kind of just goes on a journey from there. It’s not necessarily all experiences that I’ve been through,” Lili continued. “It just sort of is a culmination of feelings turned into words if that makes sense and it’s not necessarily an experience. It’s more so just an atmospheric mood.”

In addition to sharing the origin behind her collection, Lili also revealed what writing poetry means to her on a deeper, emotional level. “Very. Very, definitely,” she assured when asked if writing is a form of self-care for her. “I think I turned to poetry, like reading poetry, as a sense of therapy as well. I think that encouraged me to want to write and to share my poetry, to hopefully help others in that sense.”

Now, not to take away from Lili’s published work, but it’s worth acknowledging that she’s absolutely been killing the fashion and makeup game these days. ICYMI: Her glam at Tiffany’s event was truly inspired. Yeah, I was like, ‘Why not? Let’s go for it.’ Everyone’s going on that Euphoria makeup trend. I’ll just hop on the bandwagon,” Lili confessed of her look.

Lili Reinhart's Eye Makeup Look Inspired by Euphoria
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“I’m excited to try a makeup trend and something fun and different,” she added. “Because I’m wearing a simple, black suit, I figured, ‘Let’s go a little different with the makeup.’”

A poet, actress and all-around stunner! Keep thriving, Lili.

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