Slay, girl! Riverdale star Lili Reinhart, who plays the beloved Betty Cooper, recently took to Instagram to show off her real hair. While the blonde beauty, 22, is best known for rocking a high, tight ponytail on the hit CW series, her natural ‘do is far more bohemian. 

“Let the curly vacation hair begin,” Lili captioned the first of a series of Instagram Stories. “My natural frizz and curl thank you very much.” TBH, we hardly think Lili’s hair looked frizzy. In fact, it was refreshing to see the starlet let down her locks. After all, it can’t be easy rocking that Betty Cooper look day in and day out. Geez, can you imagine the headache?

Lili Reinhart, Curly Hair, Selfie, Split Image

Speaking with PopSugar in July, Lili got candid on just how much damage her character’s hairstyle has done. “I definitely have invested in a lot of hair masks and treatments in order to save my hair,” she admitted. “I feel like at the end of the show, I’ll have to shave my head,” Lili continued. “We just started adding extensions to my ponytail, because my hair has gotten so damaged and fried, quite frankly, from being heat styled every day.”

Lili with a shaved head? Hmmm. We definitely think she could pull it off. Before it comes down to that, though, let’s just hope that the Riverdale writers consider a storyline where Betty’s hair is down. Believe it or not, her iconic ponytail isn’t just causing hair damage. Apparently, it makes Lili susceptible to all sorts of problems.

“Day 3 of Riverdale Season 3: My hair is in a ponytail — thus my face/neck is unprotected against the vicious mosquitos. Not sure how much more of this I will survive. Stay tuned,” Lili tweeted on July 12. Please, someone free this girl from her pain. Hey, Ariana Grande, maybe you can offer some advice?