Our thoughts are with the Tomlinson family during this difficult time. Just 18 months after his mother Johannah Deakin died from a battle with leukemia, former One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson‘s estranged father Troy Austin has been diagnosed with liver cancer.

Troy, 49, underwent a four-hour surgery to remove a cancerious tumor from his liver, The Sun reported, and there have been two prior deaths in the family caused by cancer within the last two years. Louis’ mother Johannah passed away in 2016 at 43 years old, and Louis’ paternal grandmother Tina died just a few months after Johannah from a rare bone marrow cancer at 67 years old.

louis tomlinson mom getty

Louis and his mother in 2015.

Louis’ father was diagnosed with liver cancer after a blood test detected the tumor, and he was extremely honest about what he thinks caused his cancer. “I believe my tumor was down to drinking and smoking. I can’t blame it on anything else,” Troy told The Sun. “Each day I was smoking up to 25 cigarettes and drinking six to eight cans of Tyskie, a Polish lager. And my diet was terrible. It was Chinese and Indian [takeout] and a lot of [potato] chips. Some days I wouldn’t eat at all but would just drink and smoke. I would drink to celebrate the good times and drink to cope with the bad. Whatever life threw at me I would drink.”

Troy had a strained relationship with Louis’ late mother, and the former couple separated when Louis was only one week old. It’s unclear what kind of relationship Louis had with his father while he was growing up, but the father and son are estranged now. Troy claimed that he hasn’t spoken to Louis in five years. “As for Louis, if he ever wanted to make contact then I would be happy for that to happen,” Troy admitted.