When Amber Pike broke down her financial situation on Love Is Blind, her then-fiancé, Matt Barnett, wasn’t the only one caught off guard. But after fans took to social media to share theories about why the Netflix reality star didn’t have a job — namely, that she was trying to mooch off her man — she’s ready to clear the air herself. On Monday, February 24, the TV personality explained exactly why she wasn’t working on Instagram.

“Just a little throwback FYI for everyone that’s so concerned with why I was out of work during filming of #LoveIsBlind,” she captioned a clip. “I was hurt at work and dealing with legal issues over my workman’s comp. I’ve been working since I was 14, thank you very much. 😜” In the clip itself, Amber, 26, said, “So I had another doctor’s appointment from where I hurt my foot again and, you guys, they put me in a boot. Super attractive, right?”

Amber Pike Love Is Blind Reveals Why She Didn't Have a Job During the Show
Courtesy of Amber Pike/Instagram

When some commenters pointed out that she wore heels on the show, she quickly clapped back. “That lawsuit has long since been settled,” she snapped. “That’s why it wasn’t on the show, hun.” That didn’t mean she wasn’t still hurt, however. In another response, she told skeptics, “[The show] made me wear heels for certain scenes and I was in pain most of the time, which is why you don’t see me on my feet often.”

But snark aside, this star was ready to be an open book with her followers. In other comments, Amber went even more in-depth as she spoke about her loans and dropping out of school. “I wasn’t paying on my student debt because it was barely a year before the show filmed that I had officially quit school because of my depression over the abortion,” she explained. “I wasn’t paying on the loans yet because I was far more concerned with stabilizing my mental health, and just because I have a $700 limit doesn’t mean it stays maxed out. I keep that card solely for the sake of building my credit. I didn’t go on a show for ’15 min of fame,’ I volunteered for an experiment to try to find love again.”

When a fan fired back that she had enough money to buy breast implants, she shut that line of conversation down, too. “I bought and paid for [them] myself while I was still in school, long before any of this was an issue,” she clapped back. “Not sorry.”