When fans first met Amber Pike and Matt Barnett on Love Is Blind, they weren’t sure these two could make it work. One reason was that the engineer seemed to have trouble deciding who he was even most interested in among the Netflix cast. And another was that, like he said, they seemed like a duo who could burn brightly together — and then burn right out the next day. But throughout the first nine episodes of the show, which dropped on February 13 and 20, they’ve managed to stay steady after that first commitment. The question now is if that steadiness was sustainable in the real world. Before the finale on February 27, check out the clues that these two are still together.

They seem to have spent the 4th of July together.

After celebrating Independence Day in July 2019, both stars posted photos where they wore American flag-themed straw hats. Though Amber, 26, posted hers on July 5 and Barnett, 27, posted his on July 6, they certainly seem like they could’ve been taken in the same area. We don’t think we’re exactly going out on a limb here when we saw that this looks like the same hat — and fans agree. “Nice hat. 👀😂😂😂 Can’t wait for #loveisblind finale,” one wrote. Another added, “I recognize this hat. 😍👏🏻 💍💍💍💍”

Side-by-Side Photos of Amber Pike and Matt Barnett Celebrating 4th of July
Courtesy of Amber Pike, Matt Barnett/Instagram

He may have snuck into one of her photos.

These photos likely weren’t taken together — hers is from June 2019 and his from September 2018 — but we think chances are good the man standing next to Amber’s inflatable pizza slice is the same one who proposed to her on TV. The general physique seems to match, and so does that bathing suit.

Side-by-Side Photos of Amber and Barnett from Love Is Blind
Courtesy of Amber Pike, Matt Barnett/Instagram

Scratch that — two of her photos.

The male hand in Amber’s January 2020 picture also seems like it could be Barnett’s. Though he doesn’t always wear a watch, he does have one on in this April 2018 photo, and he’s worn it on other occasions, too. The black watch face and band appear to be the same, and while we’re less confident about this sartorial similarity, we think it’s worth pointing out.

Netflix Love Is Blind Star Matt Barnett's Watch in Amber Pike's Photo
Courtesy of Amber Pike, Matt Barnett/Instagram

Oh, yeah. And his dog follows her on Instagram.

Most importantly, though, is the fact that the self-proclaimed wolf dad’s dog follows this “dog mom” on Instagram. And if you’re wondering why we haven’t met Amber’s dog yet, it’s because, as far as we can tell, she doesn’t have one other than Koda. Though she did briefly foster a dog in June 2019, we doubt that’s what she’s referring to. We’re pretty sure she considers herself the mom to Barnett’s dad.

Are Amber and Barnett Still Together After Love Is Blind?
Courtesy of Amber Pike, Matt Barnett/Instagram

But she did reference a roommate.

In December 2019, she shared a photo with her pal Cameron as they both donned their military and college merch. “It’s been a tense week for football between me and my roommate,” she captioned the post as they rooted on their rival teams. That doesn’t mean Amber and Cameron are currently living together, though. These two could’ve shared an apartment or a home in the past — and, for what it’s worth, Barnett follows Cameron on Instagram.

So what do you think? Did these two crazy kids manage to make it work?