Where have these been all our lives? Lush has blessed everyone’s holiday wish list with shower bombs. Finally, the product we’ve always wanted but weren’t quite sure was scientifically possible. With the retail price of $3.25 a piece, you can bet we’ll be stocking up. So, what exactly is a shower bomb? It works the same as their signature bath bomb: Once it hits the steam and water from the shower, the bomb will “awaken in a fizzy explosion of scent and sound,” according to Lush.

“Each one is meant to stimulate a reaction, so you can create a spa-like utopia right in your shower,” the cosmetic company explained on their site. Once the fizzers start to react, they’ll turn into a foam-like consistency. Just lather up your body, rinse off, and enjoy your lightly fragranced and super soft skin. These shower bombs and their other new holiday products are available online and in Lush stores. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of each new bomb.

There are four new shower bombs to choose from and all of them have different benefits for your body. Sleepy fittingly looks like a soft cloud and is infused with lavender, ylang ylang, and tonka. The scents will instill a calming feeling. We’re getting tired just thinking about it, TBH.

On the other hand, Not Sleepy will get you out of that cold-weather funk with Sicilian lemon, lime, orange, and all the other good citrus smells. It kind of looks like a lemon juicer, so issa vibe. This one has the addition of ground white rice for a little exfoliating boost. Your dry skin will be feeling totally revitalized.

Karma is a b—ch, except when she’s a shower bomb. Turmeric and patchouli will keep you grounded in this earthy, golden concoction. It’s perfect for people who love a woodsy, cozy feel.

Finally, “life out of balance” or Koyaanisqatsi is for anyone who’s experiencing some chaos in their life. The mixture of lavender, ylang ylang, and violet leaf makes for a meditative scent and provides calm when you’re feeling anxious. Lush, you always understand what we’re going through.

Overall, Lush’s new shower bombs seem like another item on the lineup of great skincare products, and we can’t wait to try them. Happy shopping!