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Madonna Goes Topless — and Joins These 10 Stars Who Need to Simmer Down With the Naked Look

In case you live in a bubble, Madonna decided to go topless — nipples fully visible and all — for the new issue of ‘Interview’ magazine.

Proceed with caution:

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Here are a few facts about Madge:

  1. She’s a legend.
  2. She looks great.
  3. Especially at 56.
  4. She’s a mother-of-four.
  5. She needs to cover it up immediately.

We’re all for women embracing their sexuality and bodies, but there comes a time where one doesn’t always have to prance around naked to make a statement. Yes, yes, her Madgesty is known for causing controversy, but we believe leaving something to the imagination is a much more classier route.

And like Queen M, these 10 other Hollywood ladies in the gallery below need to take note — and learn to put some clothes on: