Despite her 300-pound weight loss, Mama June won’t be getting naked for Playboy anytime soon!

During an exclusive interview with Life & Style, the 37-year-old said “Hell no!” when asked if she’d ever pose nude. “I think there comes a point where you just draw the line. I am still the same June that everyone knows and loves,” she shared. “I mean I’m not going to change and go buck wild and say ‘I’m 37 and look like I’m 20.’ Hell no.”

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A bikini, Daisy Dukes, or a crop top are also out of the question! “I am still very conservative. This is the most you will ever see,” June said, pointing to her semi low-cut top, though her trainer, Kenya Crooks, would love to see her in a pair of short shorts!

mama june kenya crooks getty images

June and trainer Kenya.

“Thick thighs save lives. We can make that thing happen. I can do it!” he declared.

Speaking of Kenya, in a previous interview with Life & Style, the fitness guru revealed that June is now a fan of walking around the house naked. “She’s loving everything, everything, and everything,” he said at the time. “She hated a whole bunch of herself before, but now, because of the surgery and the workout piece of it, she’s enjoying all phases of June.”

The mother-of-four confessed, “Well I mean Kenya has probably seen me naked fifteen times. I didn’t care before. When you have to change clothes real quick.” Kenya added, “She said, ‘I’m gonna give it to you no matter what size I’m at!’”

June also revealed that her weight loss journey has been overwhelming. “I mean, it’s a lot. You have to do portion control, you have to watch what you eat. The stress. Exercising,” she explained. But overall, she’s glad she went through with it. “At first, I thought it was going to be [for revenge], but then I started doing it for myself. That’s why I’m happy with it.”

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