Yikes. Jake Paul — a YouTuber whose known to pull intense pranks like lighting mattresses on fire and blowing car horns at innocent pedestrians —might have crossed the line back in December when he smashed the windshield of his friend, Justin Roberts', Ferrari. The act was caught on video and posted to Justin's YouTube channel after he lost a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors." The problem is that the car was actually rented by Justin's father, Marc Roberts, from the LA-based company, Elite Lux Life.

The company reported that when the car was picked up, Marc blamed the smashed up window on a tree branch that had fallen — an excuse that only worked until the company saw the video of Jake taking bolt cutters to the windshield. Elite Lux Life contacted Marc after seeing the video and The Blast obtained text messages where Marc blamed the whole thing on Jake.

Marc said, "I had NO IDEA and either [sic] did my son that Jake would do something like that. My son recently turned 15 and he was in No Position to Stop Jake He Never Ever thought Jake would Really do something like that to Ferrari." However, Marc contradicted himself when he spoke with The Blast and said, "In No way SHAPE OR FORM DO I BLAME JAKE." Hmm…

Although it's unclear who he blames in the situation, Elite Lux Life told Marc that because this video is on social media it can be treated as a "premeditated act of vandalism" and both Jake and Justin could be charged if it's reported to the police. Marc allegedly wants nothing official filed with an insurance company or law enforcement and is willing to pay for the damages himself. The cost of these said damages are said to be worth $34,825 but Marc has yet to pay the amount in full so Elite Lux Life is officially lawyering up.

Their legal plan of action is reportedly to go after Marc and obtain the remaining balance of the damages. As of now, it's unclear how much Marc has left to pay but it seems like Elite Lux Life is not going to go down without a fight. As for Jake and Justin, they have yet to comment on the ridiculousness of their prank, but it's safe to say Justin probably won't ever do this kind of thing again.