While Maren Morris‘ always looks great, now that she’s pregnant, she’s had to alter her diet and workout regimen to maintain her stunning figure. Luckily, she has personal trainer Erin Oprea who helps her achieve her fitness goals.

Erin believes the best way to look great is to watch what you eat. “The 4×4 Diet,” which consists of “eating clean and balanced, with a few indulgences of course!” she exclusively told Life & Style when asked what she recommends for pregnant women. In addition, working out is always a plus — if allowed, that is. “I strongly encourage pregnant women to clear exercise through their doctor,” she advised. “Once cleared, we continue making pretty muscles while getting in those steps. Everything you do now, will make things easier at birth and getting back in shape after. Plus your joints will feel better too.”

What workouts does she suggest for those who are pregnant? Basically exercises you can easily do at home. “There are so many great ones, but I definitely recommend bird dogs for your core,” she said. “Squats, lunges and sumo squats are fantastic too.”

Maren Morris' Trainer Shares Pregnant Singer's Diet and Fitness Tips
Courtesy of Erin Oprea/Instagram

The fitness expert, who recently launched new instructional fitness videos for STRONG by Zumba, also revealed that Maren eats pretty well. “Clean, unprocessed foods mainly!” she said regarding the country star’s diet. By the looks of it, Maren is super dedicated to staying as healthy as possible as she bakes baby No. 1 in the oven. On October 31, Erin shared a post-workout photo on Instagram of the brunette beauty with her husband, Ryan Hurd. “@marenmorris and @ryanhurd crushed our Halloween workout,” she captioned a mirror selfie. “I love having couple who train together, I think it’s super cool bonding time, and check out pregnancy belly with ABS!!!! @marenmorris continues to bring her A-game and gives it all she’s got!!!” Maren is out here slaying!

In October, “The Middle” crooner revealed she is expecting a boy with her hubby in March. “The irony is just too rich that after a year of living in the ‘GIRL’ headspace, the universe would give us a baby boy to even things out. See you in 2020, little one,” she announced on Instagram.

We can’t wait for her bundle of joy to get here!

Reporting by Diana Cooper.