Margot Robbie is mapping out her next movies post-Barbie with the help of her husband, Tom Ackerly, who’s telling her it’s time to stop letting leading men ride her coattails and branch out by herself in a more demure fashion if she wants to win an Oscar!

“This post-Barbie phase for Margot and Tom has been fascinating to watch up close because of how they are completely recalibrating Margot’s image and decision-making together, as a team, with clear goals in mind,” a source exclusively tells Life & Style. “The next step for Margot as a producer and a star is to truly headline a big movie and not lean on a male costar whatsoever.”

Margot, 33, has done this in the past, most notably with her 2020 Birds of Prey movie, but it was her role in 2023’s Blockbuster film Barbie that “changed the equation” and has the actress feeling like she has “something to prove.” She and her husband agreed she needed to make a “Barbie-sized” hit without an A-list costar “who shows up in the movie to help carry the load.”

Margot married Tom, 34, in December 2016 after initially meeting while working on the 2014 film Suite Français, a World War II drama starring Robbie alongside Michelle Williams, Matthias Schoenaerts, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Sam Riley. Tom worked as the third assistant director on the project. The pair, who keep the details of their relationship largely out of the spotlight, quietly tied the knot at a private estate in Byron Bay, Australia.

Margot Robbie Moving Away From Sex Kitten Identity
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The couple cofounded LuckyChap, a production company based in Los Angeles, in 2014. The company highlights its primary focus as producing female-centered films and television shows. As of 2024, the business has produced films and shows that have collectively received 25 Academy Awards and 18 BAFTA nominations.

“Basically, Margot is going into full Leonardo DiCaprio mode, where she will carry the entire movie on her back and hopefully, come up with a winner,” the insider continues. “This certainly makes life easier for Tom, who has had to grit his teeth while watching Margot make all these movies for the last 10 years with some of the most handsome men on Earth.”

The Birds of Prey star has worked with a variety of Hollywood’s handsome leading men including Leo twice, Ryan twice, Brad Pitt twice, Will Smith twice, Idris Elba and Christian Bale. Moving forward, starting with the movie she’s filming now, A Big Bold Beautiful Journey, Marog plans on being the “central figure” in her films.

Colin Farrell is in that movie with her, but Margot is THE star and it’s her movie,” the source says of the project. “As a couple, they are moving away, decisively, from the ‘sex kitten’ identity Margot sometimes embraces and morphing her into a serious actress who can take on all the responsibility of a movie’s success for herself.”

The insider says that Tom supports his wife “completely” as the Birds of Prey star isn’t taking the “easy path” by “just pumping out a bunch of ‘Barbie‘ sequels.”

“She’s not going in that direction at all and it’s really surprising people,” the insider concludes.