Get to Know the Cast of Lifetime’s ‘Marrying Millions’ Season 2

Did you miss out on season 1 of Lifetime’s Marrying Millions? No worries! Season 2 of the hit reality TV series is back — and with it, five new couples to captivate audiences everywhere. Additionally, original cast members, Bill and Brianna and Gentille and Brian, are back in the mix.

The premise of the series is both entertaining and thought-provoking. Basically, Marrying Millions is about couples dealing with entirely different socioeconomic statuses. For example, a financier with billions of dollars in investments dating someone who is unemployed. Can two people with drastic financial situations really make it work?

Ahead of the season 2 premiere on Wednesday, August 5, Life & Style exclusively caught up with the entire cast of Marrying Millions to see what viewers can expect in upcoming episodes.

Since appearing on the series in 2019, Bill and Brianna’s relationship is stronger than ever — in fact, the 61-year-old and the 22-year-old former waitress are thriving in the spotlight.

“Being on TV has not put a strain on our relationship at all. We had a great time filming the show and sharing our life and relationship with the viewers and it actually gave us an experience that we have really enjoyed!” says Bill. “We have had fun connecting with our fans who reach out to us, and we actually have made some great new friends with people in similar situations and circumstances.”

When it comes to Gentille and Brian, their love story is a bit more complicated. In season 1, the real estate investor called off her engagement to Brian and left him standing at the altar. While the pair didn’t technically split at the time, things were definitely left hanging in the balance.

“As a couple for the short time, there were many issues that I believe even hours upon hours of therapy would not have helped,” Gentille admits. “It’s amazing how a little time spent really reveals a person’s true character.”

After calling off their wedding, Gentille is “focusing more” on her work. “I’ve just been going with the flow of the world,” she explains. “I also bought a new home/investment that is more traditional European villa-style and absolutely love it.”

Reporting by Diana Cooper

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