Whenever the show Catfish is talked about, let's be honest here, the first person we think of is Nev Schulman. But for anyone who's ever seen five minutes of the addicting MTV reality show, you know Max Joseph, also — Nev's trusty sidekick, who always has a small, low-pointing camera in everyone's face.

We all know a fair amount about Nev, but what's the deal with his salt-and-pepper-haired friend? Here's everything you need to know about Max from Catfish. Spoiler alert: He's supremely charming. As if you didn't know that already.

He's a director.

It's no secret that the Catfish co-host has an interest in being behind the scenes since he's one of the show's cameramen. But Max's true passion lies in directing. During the fourth season of Catfish, Max left the show in order to direct his first feature film called We Are Your Friends, starring Zac Efron. The Brown University graduate, who started off as an editor, also has directed several documentaries, including 12 Years of DFA: Too Old To Be New, Too New To Be Classic and Let's Harvest the Organs of Death Row Inmates.

Are Nev and Max brothers?

Even though they're not related, Max is super close with Nev and they have one of the best bromances. If you've seen the movie Catfish, you know that Max — who's real name is H Maxwell Joseph — had nothing to do with the film. The way he got involved in the MTV show was simply by Nev asking him, as they knew each other from growing up together in New York City. Not a bad gig to be offered!

Is Max in a relationship?

Sorry ladies, Max is currently married to Brazilian fashion blogger, stylist, and sometimes model, Priscila Joseph. The two reside in Los Angeles, but frequently make trips back to Priscila's home country to visit with family and friends. From everything we see on social media, the pair is super adorable together (natch), and giving Priscila even more cool points is the fact that she taught Max Portuguese (he's currently fluent!).

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He's been catfished himself.

In 2016, the director penned an essay for Vulture about how he himself was catfished — actually, cyberstalked may be more apropos. In the essay, Max wrote, "A year ago I actually got cyberstalked by someone who called me from my wife’s number and told me he was holding her hostage at my house (using my exact address).” Thankfully, it was all a hoax and Max and his wife were both okay, but making the situation all the more creepy was the fact that, a few days prior, his neighbor told him that he saw someone trying to break into his car. Yikes.

He's not afraid to get political.

If you take a gander at Max's Instagram, the majority of his posts are about politics, human rights, and his disdain for President Donald Trump and his revolving door of an administration. Max regularly posts about transgender rights, women's rights, and Trump's ties to Russia. Using his public platform to fight the good fight. Who can blame him for that? We heart you, Max.