McLovin Is 28 Years Old Today — and Honestly, Kinda Hot

Happy birthday, McLovin!

It’s hard to believe that Superbad came out a decade ago, and though the movie starred a then-chubby Jonah Hill and an always awkward Michael Cera, it was Christopher Mintz-Plasse that stole everyone’s hearts.

Christopher was just a teen when he starred in the film as McLovin, but today (June 20) is his 28th birthday, so why not celebrate by seeing what he’s been up to!

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He still acts

Though his most famous role was in Superbad, he's been steadily working in movies ever since, ranging from voice acting in How to Train Your Dragon 3 to parts in other teen comedies like Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising.

He’s in a band

His once nerdy look has officially transformed into a more hipster rockstar feel as he is the bassist for the band MainMan. They are currently performing throughout California.

He stars in a TV show

Alongside Joel McHale, Christopher is on the CBS comedy The Great Indoors, where he plays Clark.

So between his acting and music careers, it’s clear McLovin isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Check it!

Scroll through the gallery below to see the rest of the Superbad cast then vs. now!