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7 Signs You’re the Regina George of Your Family’s Thanksgiving Dinner!

Regina George is capable of doing whatever is necessary to get what she wants — and that includes grabbing seconds during your Thanksgiving feast. The Mean Girls character, portrayed to perfection by Rachel McAdams, has become synonymous with being "fabulous but evil," but that's not always a bad thing.

When it comes to your family's Thanksgiving dinner, you proudly wear the Regina George crown because nothing gets between you and your sweet potato casserole. And while you usually watch what you eat, you will proudly put on some sweatpants for one night only (as long as they're pink).

You can go from shutting down nosy relatives who make it a point to remind you are still single to small talk with your distant aunt who you knows gives the best gifts because being the Regina George of the family is what you do best.

Scroll through the gallery below for the signs you're the Regina George of your family's Thanksgiving dinner! Get Mean Girls now on iTunes.