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Is That Really Her?!Meet Naomi Grossman, the Beautiful Gal Who Plays Scary Pepper on “American Horror Story: Freak Show”

Pepper may give you nightmares every Wednesday night after you watch American Horror Story: Freak Show (and that's the point), but underneath all of that TV makeup is a dream girl!

Naomi Grossman, who portrays the spooky character on the FX series, recently opened up about transforming herself for the part.

Shockingly enough, she says no one told her she was pretty prior to her "AHS" stardom!

"I’ve never been told I was so pretty until I played the ugliest person on TV. But now I have a twin! So now maybe he’s ugliest?" she says, adding it takes about three hours to turn into Pepper, a woman who suffers from microcephaly.

Naomi, who made her debut as Pepper on season two's "AHS: Asylum," also discussed what it's like living life without her hair.

"I like being bald. It was really hot when we got here in July. Plus, no one knew me (yet). So I could take on this whole, new, bald persona. Which was sort of fun and empowering," she says.

The actress spoke exclusively to

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