Step aside, Kim Kardashian, we've officially found your replacement.

Meet Kathy Ferreiro, the woman who's been dubbed the "Cuban Kim Kardashian" thanks to her bootylicious curves and desire to flaunt them.

Kathy is a 21-year-old Latina who currently resides in Miami — and is hoping her perky butt will help her make a name for herself in Hollywood. (Did she not read the Kim K. handbook? Sex tape first, booty second.)

cuban kim

People already seem to be mesmerized by her body, and with more than 1.4 million followers on Instagram, she's not too far off from making her dreams a reality.

cuban kim 2

Despite the fact that her butt seems to defy gravity, Kathy insists that she's 100 percent natural, and if that's true, she might actually have something on Kim.

"The great thing is her body is all natural and that is why she is drawing so much attention. She's a gorgeous girl with curves in all the right places," PR Guru John Grant said. "In my opinion it won't be long before we see here face and butt plastered everywhere. All I can say is Kim Kardashian, look out!"

She's definitely a beautiful girl, but we're not so sure we see the resemblance, which is why Kathy's landed at No. 11 on our list of Kim Kardashian lookalikes. Click through below to see the rest and be prepared to be amazed!