No, unfortunately we’re not kidding.

This is Vin Los. He’s 24-years-old, a male model, and from Montreal. One day, he decided his flawless bod was lacking something to make him into the next Derek Zoolander, so he decided to ink up his entire body to garner some attention.

vin los

Well, he did, so kudos to him, though no one’s exactly applauding his move — or calling him up to be the next face of Givenchy. At least not yet. (Stranger things have happened — Jeremy Meeks, the hot felon who landed a modeling contract, anyone?)

Anyway, he has all kind of things tatted on his bod. We’ll list ‘em for ya:

—His name on his stomach (just in case he forgets it)

vin los

—“Sex Bomb” underneath his clavicle (because he must be a big Tom Jones fan)

—“Iconic” on his face (you’ve had your turn, Paul McCartney, now step aside for the world famous Vin)

vin los

—A bunch of cities he’s probably visited (or not because we’re pretty sure at this point this guy doesn’t need an important reason to tattoo, well, anything on his skin)

—Fake chest hair. Yeah, seriously. Fake freakin’ chest hair. WHY.

But don’t worry y’all. He’s aware his tattoos are “intentionally ugly,” as he states on his website. (Can someone take the Sharpie marker away from this guy? Thanks.)

vin los

And guess who fascinates him? “People like Marilyn Monroe and Kim Kardashian impress me with their disproportionate level of fame.” Let’s give the guy a standing ovation for throwing in a 50-cent word.

Most importantly, he wants to be “the most famous man in the world” (or at least the most famous Vin) and hopes these tats get him to that level.

Your move, Vin Diesel.


(If you’re feeling really brave, you can follow the phenomenon that is Vin Los on Instagram).