We all know Meghan Markle is a royal fashionista! The Duchess of Sussex is always wearing classy outfits — from her bold black and white bird-printed dress to her more simple numbers. However, based on her looks from the recently wrapped royal tour, Meghan seems to have rocked a particular trend, or in this case, color. Apparently, there’s a reason the mom-to-be loves to wear blue, specifically navy blue!

From her 16-day royal tour in Australia, Fiji, Tonga, and New Zealand, half of Meghan’s outfits were navy. It could be that the dark shade of blue is the Duchess’ favorite color or that she wants to appeal to the people. According to the Daily Mail, experts say navy blue portrays “professionalism” and helps her appear even more “approachable” than what she already is.

“When it comes to the psychology of color, blue relates to the mind. Darker blues relate to trust, logic and knowledge,” Karen Haller, UK’s leading Applied Color Psychology Specialist told the outlet. “It communicates duty and professionalism and given it’s a more approachable color than black, maybe why she wore this hue often on her recent 16-day royal tour down under.”

Meghan Markle blue dress
Getty Images

After revealing her pregnancy to the world last month, Meghan started off the tour wearing a navy blue midi dress designed by Dion Lee, pictured above. Throughout, Prince Harry‘s wife incorporated the shade of blue in blazers, raincoats, and in a cape dress she re-wore.

With a tour filled with plenty of engagements, it’s only natural to want to stay as focused as possible, and it’s suggested that Megan’s dedication could be one of her reasons for opting for navy blue. “Subconsciously wearing darker blues might suggest that — this being her first major royal tour — she wanted to maintain her focus and concentration during her royal duties,” added Karen.

Whatever the reason is, she rocks it!