What are sister (in-laws) for?! Megan Markle tied the knot to Prince Harry nearly three months ago — seriously, how has it been that long already?? — but royal fans are only now noticing something special about the newlywed’s wedding bouquet: Kate Middleton seemingly handed it to her before she walked down the aisle! 

According to Cosmopolitan, eagle-eyed watchers speculated that Prince William‘s wife passed the baton, if you will, and there’s even a clip to prove it. Er, at least the person in the video looks a heck of a lot like Kate…

Unfortunately, many fans took to Twitter to see if they could crack the code with no real conclusion. While some agreed they thought it was Kate, others were convinced it was someone else. “No, because she had already sat down — you can see her in the video,” one “detective” wrote. Another added, “It might have been the nanny, she wears yellow.”

Before you get your hopes up, though, People reported that the mystery woman was likely Samantha Cohen, aka a member of Queen Elizabeth‘s personal team and the woman who has been guiding Meghan as she transitions into her new life as the Duchess of Sussex. She was wearing a light pink dress at the time, which could have been easily confused in the blurry clip with the off-white ensemble Kate wore.

In conclusion? Think what you want, but we prefer to believe it was Kate! That would just be the icing on the (wedding) cake.