You can definitely count on Meghan Markle to look like a princess on her and Prince Harry‘s wedding day! In an exclusive interview with Life & Style, Sean Donaldson of Sean Donaldson Hair, who has styled the royal family’s tresses, revealed how he predicts the former Suits star will wear her hair for the highly-anticipated nuptials — which will take place on May, 19 2018. As fans know, the couple announced their engagement on Nov. 27, 2017. They started dating in August 2016 and took their relationship public in November of that year.

“Being British and knowing the royal family, and seeing many royal weddings, she’ll be keeping her hair long for sure. I would imagine she probably would soften the color around her face just a little bit. I imagine that she would very lightly — by one or one-and-a-half shades — would lighten around the hairline,” he explained, adding that the late Princess Diana was “the only royal ever to have short hair at the wedding.”

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Sean also said, “I think she’s going to bring in her own edge and own style, but at the same time she’s still marrying into the royal family and they have their ways and their looks, so I would imagine that Meghan’s hair will go up. I can’t imagine her doing half up, half down because I think she’s going to want it distinguished between her and Kate, since this is the next brother, son of Princess Diana — and this will be the next big royal [wedding] since Kate [Middleton] and [Prince] William’s.”

According to Sean — who Life & Style spoke with as he styled models for Patricia Field’s ARTFASHION runway show during Miami Art Week/Art Basel — it’s pretty safe to assume Meghan will opt for an updo to complete her bridal look. “Whatever she does I can promise will be the opposite of Kate. She won’t be copying Kate, because Kate’s got her own style and look that works really well for her. She’s going to want to pull away from having a similar kind of wedding,” he explained.

“She knows what press likes and the United Kingdom will tear apart, so she’s going to want to create her own identity. I would imagine hair up, but not a stiff updo — it will be loose and natural, it will have the lifted affect,” he continued. “When you look at her over the years and the way she styles herself and her makeup and hair to red carpet events — again, she’s just a very easy-going girl. That’s probably why she’s so relatable to the British public.” We can’t wait to see the finished product this coming spring!

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