This royal knows how to brunch! Meghan Markle’s recent visit with her former makeup artist, Daniel Martin, revealed one of the Duchess’ surprising skills — she knows how to put together the perfect serving avocado toast. Just when you thought you couldn’t love the newly-minted royal more, she goes ahead and makes your favorite breakfast.

“Back to our Tig days,” the artist captioned a picture-perfect meal on Instagram. Obviously, the two have been friends since the 37-year-old royal had her now-deleted lifestyle blog, The Tig. “Thank you, Meghan, for being the consummate hostess this weekend and still being the #avocadotoast whisperer. YUM!” the caption continued.

Besides the perfect smearing of the green fruit (yes, avos are technically fruits #themoreyouknow), the brunette beauty also treated her old friend to tea and a few decadent chocolate truffles. Looks like a lunch fit for a royal.

There are two interesting things about their casual sit down. First, it looks like the mom-to-be enjoys the most basic form of avocado toast. She left the spread super chunky and only topped it with salt and pepper. Second, the post alludes to the idea that the former actress made the meal herself. This is surprising considering the Duchess and Prince Harry have a full staff that can do anything for them, including prepare avocado toast.

The former Suits star does have a much different approach when it comes to staffing responsibilities. Fending for herself in the kitchen is the perfect example of how she’s not like the typical palace dweller. While she’s experienced a lot of staff turnover, this actually isn’t any different than what happened to Kate Middleton when she was new to the family. Apparently, the 37-year-old did so much cooking and cleaning that it “didn’t sit too well with staff,” according to William & Kate: The Journey

Hmmm..royals are certainly not just like us. Except when it comes to their love of avocado toast.

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