Being the bodyguard for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex — or any royal — isn’t a job one takes lightly. Though she has reportedly been an incredible asset to security during her short tenure with the Sussexes, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s bodyguard is said to soon be quitting her role after only six months on the job, according to the Sunday Times. Being one of several important staff members to quit over the last year, Meghan’s bodyguard is the latest to hint at a trend within the royal staff.

Though there haven’t been any particular signs of tensions between Meghan and her bodyguard, Scotland Yard sources reportedly said the American Duchess’ wish to be “one of the people” was challenging from a security and protection standpoint.

“Unlike someone who has grown up in the royal family and has been used to having close protection from an early age, it can be quite constraining,” a source told the outlet. “Even though she was a famous actress, she could still do what she wanted in the way of getting around freely. But in her current role, she can’t go anywhere without her protection team and that’s a massive constraining force on an individual like her.”

meghan markle prince harry bodyguard quits
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Meghan’s bodyguard is reportedly known to be extremely credible in her agency and has been said to be “brilliant” by colleagues. Her appointment as Meghan and Harry’s “chief protection officer” was considered to be groundbreaking.

“To have a woman in charge of the team is pretty much unheard of,” a source told The Sunday Times at the time of her appointment. “It is good news for the Duke and Duchess and good news for the force.”

The departure is reported to be a huge loss to Scotland Yard, as well as to Meghan herself, who is reportedly invested in the promotion of women.

The bodyguard’s resignation comes after Meghan’s personal assistant, Melissa Touabti, left Kensington Palace in November 2018 after six months in the role. Following that, Meghan and Harry’s private secretary, Samantha Cohen, announced her imminent departure later this year after 17 years with the royal family.

Meghan’s bodyguard will remain unnamed due to security reasons, according to the Sunday Times.