Looks like she’s pretty demanding! Since Meghan Markle entered the royal family as the Duchess of Sussex, she and her husband, Prince Harry, have had quite a hard time holding onto the members of the household. According to the Sunday Express, another staff member has quit working for the royal couple. This marks the third departure from their personal staff, coming directly after Meghan’s personal assistant’s reported resignation yesterday.

The royal couple’s private secretary, Samantha Cohen, is reportedly the next to leave Kensington Palace, following her predecessor, Edward Lane Fox, who also exited the position on his own accord. Yesterday, Meghan Markle’s personal assistant, known only by the name Melissa, reportedly made her way for the door after aiding in some of the most dramatic turns of royal wedding preparation. She had only been working with Meghan at Kensington Palace for six months.

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A Palace aide spoke to the Sunday Express about the rapidly diminishing staff and it didn’t sound too promising. “To lose one member of the household could happen to anyone. To lose three in a few months is starting to look like a stampede,” the source stated. Yeah, definitely not a good look for the new royal couple.

Ultimately, sources believe the root of the problem is Meghan’s uncompromising dedication to her personal style. Obviously, there is protocol in place for what a woman in the royal court should wear. But reportedly, Meghan is “tiresome” in her commitment to how she wants her royal image to look.

another staff member quits over meghan markle's attitude
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It’s no surprise Meghan has stood her ground in being true to her pre-royalty style choices — she’s made some good ones, even if they were against royal protocol. Back in June, Meghan wore a gorgeous blush colored Caroline Herrera gown for the Trooping of the Colour event. The royal sin? It was an off the shoulder gown. Meghan has also worn crossbody bags (as opposed to the classic clutch) and also made headlines when she opted against pantyhose in the couple’s official engagement announcement.

It’s one thing to want your image to reflect who you are. But it’s a whole other thing when it’s getting in the way of how the people who help you create that image actually see you. Meghan is such a beautiful and modern addition to the royal family and we hope that she can find the middle ground she needs to please both the Palace and herself.

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