All hail the Queen! What Queen Elizabeth says, goes, and sometimes she may even deliver her message with some shade.

According to a source who spoke to The Sun, the Queen questioned Meghan Markle’s choice to wear a wedding veil on her big day. If you recall, the Duchess of Sussex was previously married to Trevor Engleson before tying the knot with second husband Prince Harry. And in most traditions, you’re only supposed to wear a veil if you’re a first-time bride, which Meghan no longer was.

However, either the Queen let it go, or decided it was no longer a big deal because Meghan wore a veil to her royal wedding and looked beautiful in it. Perhaps the veil has become the new “white wedding dress.” Traditionally speaking, it was only appropriate for virginal brides to wear a white dress and society has been so over that for the longest. While royals have stricter laws and rules, it seems like the Queen is bending them a little bit in favor of the younger royal generation.

Meghan Markle's tiara
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Harry and Meghan have become known for stepping out of the norm of what’s either expected in royal tradition or what we’ve seen based on the royal family’s past. For starters, Harry married an American. That’s the kind of thing we were only used to seeing in movies, making their love so much more swoon-worthy!

Despite their openness to take risks, the Duke and Duchess must still set an example and follow regulations. A few weeks ago, it was reported that Harry had a pre-wedding meltdown when he told staff “what Meghan wants, she gets,” and the Queen may have disagreed with that.

The source also revealed to the outlet that Meghan wanted to wear a tiara made up of emeralds and ended up with a diamond and platinum one which belonged to Queen Mary, and was selected by Queen Elizabeth.

Hmm, sounds more like a compromise!