As you may know, the royal family is strict and often follows specific protocols, from the way they dress to the way they behave. However, when it comes to pregnancy, there’s a bit more freedom. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will welcome their first child in the springtime, and it’s been reported that the Duchess’ every wish will be granted, making a pregnancy contract unnecessary.

Last week, news broke that Meghan had a pregnancy contract during her previous 18-month marriage to Trevor Engelson, which basically stated the former actress would be granted a nutritionist and personal trainer had she gotten pregnant with her husband at the time. Now married to a royal, things are completely different.

According to royal expert Duncan Larcombe, who spoke to Closer magazine, being in a royal family means the best treatment can be expected. “Meghan has no need for a contract with Harry, as she will not want for anything,” he said. We’ve already seen Kate Middleton go through three pregnancies and in all of them, she’s received special, top-notch treatment, so the same can be said for Meghan’s pregnancy experience. Like her sister-in-law, the Duchess of Sussex will have access to a team of nannies, nutritionists, midwives, as well as access to Lindo Wing and the Queen’s physician.

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“lf Meghan has any requests, they’ll be met. And Harry has already shown how protective he is of her. lf he wants to be by Meghan’s side after the baby is born, throughout her whole maternity leave, he’ll do it,” added Duncan.

Meghan is already getting her way — it was recently reported that the parents-to-be have chosen a nanny outside of their royal staff. She was recommended by George and Amal Clooney, has worked with other high profile celebrities, and will reportedly help the Duchess and Duke for the first few months after the baby arrives. Contract or no contract, this baby will for sure get the royal treatment!