If one of your life goals is to take a selfie with Prince Charles, we have some disappointing news for you. The director of Prince, Son, and Heir: Charles at 70, John Bridcut, recently confessed that the monarch isn’t exactly a big fan Kim Kardashians favorite pastime. 

“He gets irritated by people poking their phones at them. I heard him tell people, ‘I’m trying to give up selfies,’ John told Vanity Fair’s royal correspondent, Katie Nicholl. “He wants to meet people, and it irritates him getting camera phones shoved in his face,” John added. 

The Prince Of Wales And Duchess Of Cornwall Visit Ghana
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Don’t get it twisted, though! Just because the soon-to-be 70-year-old isn’t a fan of selfies, doesn’t mean he’s not an amazing man! In fact, John went on to reveal just how impressive the royal is. “For a man about to turn 70, I think his energy surprises me the most. He has amazing physical and mental energy. Yes, he is looked after in a way most of us aren’t, but he compensates by the amount he crams in,” John expressed. 

That said, there is maybe *one thing* Charles could make a little more time for. Speaking for the same documentary, Prince William opened up about his father and confessed he’d like him to be more present in his children’s lives.

“I would like him to have more time with the children. Having more time with him at home would be lovely, and being able to, you know, play around with the grandchildren. When he’s there, he’s brilliant, but we need him there as much as possible,” said the Duke of Cambridge.

D’aw! Well, here’s hoping that once Prince Harry and Meghan Markle bring their little one into the world that Charles will finally settle down and make more time for his grandbabies.

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