Prince William and Duchess Kate‘s children Princess Charlotte and Prince George “have an unbreakable bond,” a source exclusively Life & Style, and Charlotte “absolutely adores Prince Louis.”

Charlotte and Louis “are super close” and she “enjoys taking on the responsibility of big sister and is always looking out for him. They love playing hide and seek and tag,” the insider adds.

Of course, Charlotte also has friends outside her royal siblings. “Even though she’s younger, she doesn’t rely on Prince George for everything and has her own group of friends,” the insider says. “Princess Charlotte and Prince George bicker, like all kids. Princess Charlotte is no walkover, that’s for sure. When she disagrees with something George says or does, she’ll stand her ground and vice versa.”

“George and Charlotte are good at sharing toys, but when they bake with Kate, for example, they compete over who makes the best cake,” the source says. “Kate tells them they’re both as good as each other.”

“Most of the time they get along though,” the insider clarifies. “When you’re with them, it’s so clear that they think the world of each other.”

When it comes to her children’s individuality, Kate has set a precedent to encourage her children to be their own people. “While Kate encourages her three children to be close, which they are, she also embraces their own unique personalities and individualism,” the source adds.

“George doesn’t get the special treatment at home because he’s going to be king one day,” the insider says. “Kate and William feel it’s important to raise their three children with the same unconditional love. There are no favorites in the family.”

And as for Charlotte’s similarities to her mom, the little one already “takes after” her mother, another source previously told Life & Style.

“She’s athletic and passionate about sports,” the insider added. “Swimming, tennis and horse riding are her favorites. Kate is teaching Charlotte how to play hockey in the garden.”

Of course, sports isn’t Charlotte’s only interest. “Charlotte has an eye for fashion and is obsessed with sunglasses,” the source said.

“When Kate can’t find a pair, they’ll often be found in Charlotte’s bedroom,” the insider adds. “Charlotte already has a little collection of high street kids sunglasses at home.”

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge started their family a little more than two years after they tied the knot in April 2011, having welcomed son George in July 2013. The couple expanded their brood with the birth of Charlotte in May 2015, followed by their youngest son, Louis, in April 2018.

When it comes to the prospect of adding a new sibling for George, Charlotte and Louis, Kate revealed something big about the possibly of a potential baby No. 4 with husband William.

The Duchess of Cambridge told reporters that she was feeling “broody” in Denmark in February. On her two-day visit at the time on behalf of the Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood in Denmark, she admitted that being around children fuels her maternal instincts.

“It makes me very broody,” she said, which means a yearning for more children. “William always worries about me meeting under-1-year-olds. I come home saying, ‘Let’s have another one.’”