With ratings for her new NBC show Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly getting lower and lower, things are not looking good for Megyn Kelly.

People are not tuning in as expected to watch the once popular journalist, and along with her slipping numbers, sources reveal exclusively to Life & Style that Megyn’s spirits are also dropping.

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“Megyn’s really worried,” an NBC source says. Megyn, 47, “has been reaching out to former Fox News colleagues, including Sean Hannity, but Sean hasn’t returned her calls.”

To kickstart her new primetime gig, the blonde beauty landed a high-profile interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin — but critics claimed Megyn was “outmaneuvered” by the seasoned politician while the audience made it very clear on social media that they were distracted by her short velvet cocktail dress.

Megyn proceeded to follow up that interview with a sit-down with controversial Infowars host and conspiracy theory lover Alex Jones, which brought in dismal ratings (3.6 million viewers). It also forced Megyn to step down as host of the upcoming Sandy Hook Promise gala thanks to Alex’s beliefs that the tragic Connecticut elementary school massacre of 20 students was all a hoax.

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Her ratings only continued to plummet further after that, putting her lastest episode with 3.4 million viewers behind reruns of both 60 Minutes (7.2 million) and America’s Funniest Home Videos (3.9 million).

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Luckily for Megyn, she does have a day job with The Today Show — but there are also rumors she’s not getting along with her co-stars on the morning variety show as well.

“No one is happy about Megyn suddenly being treated like the star of the network… there is a lot of resentment about that,” a source told In Touch. “The drama is only going to continue because NBC has given [Kelly] the keys to the kingdom.”

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