First Lady Melania Trump is not happy with her husband, President Donald Trump, to say the least. A little more than a week after Stormy Daniels’ explosive 60 Minutes interview, a source told In Touch that the Slovenia native has reached her “breaking point.”

And it’s not only because Stormy spoke out about her one-time sexual affair with the President, it’s a culmination of everything Trump has put Melania through starting even before his inauguration. From the infamous “grab ’em by the p—y” Access Hollywood tape to his porn star past, she’s been completely humiliated.

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The source said, “Melania has always had one cardinal rule: Don’t embarrass me. Even before he became president it’s been one humiliating story after another.” And even though the former model “is a very strong woman,” having her marriage scrutinized under a microscope has been “mortifying.”

The insider also claimed that she’s furious about all of the alleged reports that have surfaced regarding President Trump’s behavior. She is worried, not only for the sake of the whole family but for the couple’s 12-year-old son Barron Trump. “Melania doesn’t want her family, especially Barron, to have to deal with these vulgar reports. She’s at the end of her rope,” the source shared.

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However, despite the marital woes, divorce is supposedly not an option and Federico Pignatelli — a Trump family friend and owner of NYC’s Pier59 Studios — can attest to that. He told In Touch that while Melania is definitely upset at the moment, her feelings really stem from the way certain false accusations have portrayed her husband in the media and she might actually stick by his side through it all. He said, “She’s annoyed. She doesn’t want to give credibility to all these people attacking the president’s reputation. She doesn’t want to talk about.”