Trouble in paradise? Melania Trump is reportedly fed up with the drama surrounding husband Donald Trump‘s life. Apparently, when the First Lady married the former reality star, she didn’t realize she was signing up for a scandal-ridden life in the White House. According to People, the 47-year-old former model is “furious” about the drama surrounding her marriage.

A source revealed that Melania hates the “24/7 tornado” that has become her life in the past 14 months since Trump’s inauguration. “What’s happening is exactly what she didn’t want to happen,” the source explained. “They’ve literally become like the Kardashians: scandals, divorces, headlines.”

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It’s no secret that scandal has followed Trump from the time he announced his candidacy for president to the current day. His offensive comments combined with recent news of his affair with Stormy Daniels have guaranteed that he and his family stay in the headlines.

“She was able to do whatever she wanted and have her family with her much of the time,” a source explained. Before she was First Lady, she would spend her days at her husband’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, FA, during the week, while Trump remained in NYC. She would “shop, use the spa, and have her family dine outside with her.”

It seems that Melania preferred life out of the spotlight. “No one was paying attention to her two years ago,” the source revealed. “They went about their day. Now it’s a 24/7 tornado. She hates it.”

But, is their marriage suffering because of her feelings? According to a body language expert, the couple appears to be angry in the above photo. “[Melania] is smiling — there’s a strain to the effort she makes, but she is smiling. His smile is very unusual. It’s over the top, stretched out wide,” body language expert Patti Wood exclusively told Life & Style. Another thing the Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language & Charisma author found interesting were the looks in both of their eyes. “Look how similar that look in the eyes are,” she explained. “That’s hidden anger, and their eyes are both showing hidden anger — they’re matching and mirroring hidden anger.”