Gym, tan, laundry forever. Jersey Shore’s Lauren Sorrentino says she and husband Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino have made fitness their “number one priority” these days. 

“When you’re feeling your best, you know you’re going to do your best in your personal relationships and your professional businesses and everything kind of flows easier,” the reality TV starlet, 35, exclusively tells Life & Style. “So we’ve been doing a ton of outdoor workouts and couples workouts together and keeping it fresh.”

As far as hiring a professional trainer is concerned, Mike and Lauren prefer to do their “own thing,” the New Jersey native adds while promoting her sunglass collection, The Jet Set Collection by Eleventh Hour x Lauren Sorrentino, available on ELEVENTH HOUR’s website.

“He’s basically my trainer on the days that we work out together and it’s funny because at least two days a week he trains me and yesterday, he trained me and we did like 500 squats in the park,” Lauren laughs. “He’s just crazy. But I really stick to Pilates on my own days.”

Of course, a solid fitness routine wouldn’t be complete without a balanced and nutritious diet. “I’m in my thirties and I definitely feel a lot clearer and lighter when I eat better,” Lauren notes. “So I think that’s one of the positives to aging is you really feel what you’re putting in your body. I’ve been staying on track, as well as Mike.”

Earlier this year, the married pair launched their “Here’s The Sitch” podcast — which they record from home — and discuss all sorts of topics “to give inspiration to stay positive and healthy throughout quarantine,” Lauren explains. 

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, Mike and Lauren self-isolated at home for nearly three months and clearly, they were productive. “It’s crazy because we launched this year but we already have 20 episodes,” the blonde beauty boasts. “We’re just pumping them out.”

Reporting by Diana Cooper

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