We bet Miley Cyrus had no idea that posting a photo would spark baby fever among her and Liam Hemsworth‘s families. Over the holiday weekend, the “Malibu” singer teased fans by posting a photo of her “vegan turkey baby” to Instagram without knowing what she was setting in motion. Now Miley and Liam’s parents are being extra vocal about wanting the engaged couple to have a baby. Sources told Hollywood Life that Miley’s little pregnancy joke initiated a whole bunch of pregnancy talk.

“Everyone in the family is dying for Miley and Liam to make beautiful babies together ASAP,” the source said. “Miley’s mom Tish would love nothing more this holiday season than to become a grandmother. Miley‘s dad would also love it if Miley were pregnant, too. He loves babies and thinks Miley and Liam would make amazingly talented babies. Tish thinks their baby would be gorgeous and that they would both be fabulous parents.”

miley cyrus family getty

We can’t say that we disagree with her parents at all. Who wouldn’t love Miley and Liam to have a cute little baby together? And according to the source, fans might not have to wait long for a little half Aussie half southern baby.

“Liam is getting pressure about having kids from his parents, too,” the source added. “Liam’s family are also excited about the idea of Miley and Liam having children as soon as possible, and they bring it up all the time. Both of Liam’s brothers have kids, and the family has been bugging Liam to do the same! Both sides of the family hope that Miley will be pregnant with Liam’s baby this Christmas or even sooner!”

Miley in the past admitted that she and Liam are in no rush to tie the knot and instead are focusing on the work. But, when they are ready to get married, we can expect a low-key wedding possibly followed by a move down under.

“Miley has a real hippie side and wants to embrace that rather than spending millions,” a source exclusively told Life & Style. “She wants to focus on the spiritual side of marriage and is very interested in Hinduism, so she is looking at locations in Nepal, where Hinduism is a way of life.” The sourced added, “[Miley’s] telling close friends she’ll move to Australia next year. She loves the laid-back lifestyle there. She feels right at home.”