We all know how it goes — “My best friend Lesley said, ‘Oh, she’s just being Miley!'” It’s the stand-out lyric from 2007’s “See You Again,” the pop song that first catapulted Miley Cyrus into fame, apart from her Disney Channel identity as Hannah Montana. And now, a decade after the ditty first hit radio waves, Miley reunited with Lesley Patterson, the childhood bestie she grew up in Tennessee with.

Debuting their reunion on Instagram, the 24-year-old “Younger Now” singer referenced the lyrics, writing, “My best friend Lesley said…” The Tennessee native attended Miley’s album release party for her new album Younger Now in Nashville.

“Sooooo glad my bestie since I was a littttttle BB made it to my #spotifyfansfirst #YoungerNow release party! Life is sooooo full circle ! [sic],” Miley wrote on Instagram. She paired the caption with a throwback photo of her and Lesley when they were kids.

miley cyrus lesley patterson

Lesley also posted about the event, sharing a photo of her and Miley goofily smiling while celebrating the album release. “I think our face says it all!! Loved seeing my girl kill it tonight and I couldn’t be more proud! #YoungerNow release party [sic],” Lesley captioned the photo.

The two blond besties met when they were younger, through cheerleading. Both girls were on the same cheerleading team and stayed friends as teenagers, even through Miley’s move from TN to LA.

The unexpected reunion has many Smilers wondering: What has Lesley been up to recently? While Miley moved to Los Angeles to pursue both her music and acting careers, Lesley opted to stay in Nashville, living a quiet, country life.

According to her Instagram, Lesley is a lover of water sports. From uploading pictures of herself fishing, swimming, and wake-boarding, it’s clear that Lesley’s a child of the sea. It’s unknown what Lesley does for a living but in recent pictures shared, Lesley has been celebrating multiple friends’ weddings, drinking beers while wake-boarding, and enjoying the CMA Music Festival.

The tune “See You Again” appeared on the album Breakout. The song was rumored to be penned about then-boyfriend Nick Jonas, whom Miley dated from 2005 to 2007. “See You Again” tells the story of Miley seeking redemption after “freaking out” and “stuttering” while hanging out with a guy and her best friend Lesley.