Before rekindling her romance with Liam Hemsworth, Miley Cyrus was in a low-profile relationship with Stella Maxwell. Two years after their breakup, Miley is finally opening up about her summer fling with the Victoria’s Secret model.

Fans will recall that Miley, 24, and Stella, 27, dated for a few months in 2015, but by Christmas of that year, she was back with current fiancé Liam. Her song “She’s Not Him” on her new album Younger Now seems to shed a light on why she decided to go back to the Hunger Games actor.

miley cyrus stella maxwell hold hands 1

“No matter what you say, no matter what you do, I just can’t fall in love with you, because you’re not….” Miley sings in the 17-second tease on her Twitter page. The chorus also features the former Disney Channel soulfully singing, “She’s not him,” repeatedly.

Miley previously opened up about her new album to Billboard magazine and revealed that a lot of her music was inspired by Liam, 27. Lyrics such as “It’s a brand new start, a dream come true, in Malibu,” in her first single “Malibu” are clearly a nod to her relationship with the Australian actor. However, while fans are just getting their first taste of the songs, Miley is already over the album.

“I’m already working on the next one. I’m already two songs deep on the next one,” she told BBC Radio 1. “I’m over this now. I want to figure out what I want to do next. Hopefully, I can take some time — chill with the dogs, hang with the pigs a little bit more, take some time off. But just keep writing.”

As for Stella, she is dating Twilight star Kristen Stewart. The couple is currently in a legal battle after a website leaked nude photos of them without their consent. However, we doubt Stella is missing Miley too much…